Best Smelling Body Wash For Men – Top Picks Of The Year

Best Smelling Body Wash For Men Candidates

Nivea Men’s Cool 3-in-1 Body Wash

Nivea Men’s Cool 3-in-1 Body Wash

There is no body wash for men that smells better than this. Your skin will be left with a scent of icy menthol that will last for a long time. It will clean your body completely while leaving the icy scent of menthol on your skin for a long time.

You can use this body wash to clean your body, hair, and face, which is why it is a 3-in-1 body wash. The cleaning solution is gentle on the skin while effective in wiping away dirt and sweat. At the same time, it relieves dry skin by moisturizing it.

The solution of the body wash appears as an icy blue gel which produces a nice lather that you can wash off very easily. The body wash is safe to put on your skin as it has been tested and approved by dermatologists.

For anyone looking for the highest quality menthol body wash on the market, the Nivea Men’s Cool 3-in-1 is what you want. Most men have recommended this body wash and it even shows up on the top of a search engine’s results page after you search for menthol body wash.

Please note that you can’t use this body wash on your crotch area. Some customers have complained that it causes a burning feeling when placed down there. So, if you can avoid placing it there, then you’ll simply love this body wash.

What We like:

  • A 3-in-1 body wash 
  • Hydrates the skin thoroughly
  • The scent is not too strong

What We Didn’t Like

  • May cause acne breakouts
  • Her hair might have a filminess to it
  • Washcloths may become discolored

Oleavine’s Therapeutic Soap

Oleavine’s Therapeutic Soap

If you want the best men’s body wash that is all natural, Oleavine’s Therapeutic Soap body wash is for you. The solution contains a variety of essential oils, such as tea tree oil, which works to remove bacteria from the skin that would otherwise cause odor from the body and foot.

The tea tree oil makes the body wash suitable for anyone who has oily skin. This concentrated organic body wash formula is made to relieve inflamed skin, itchy skin, and dry skin. It even contains the fatty acids known as omega-9, omega-7, omega-6, and omega-3, which all work to add moisture and nourishment to the skin that will last for a long period of time. Also, if you have fungus of the skin like on your feet, then you could soak that area of your body in this solution and find relief that way too.

The main ingredient of this body wash which works to remove bacteria is neem oil. Not only will you experience dry skin relief from this ingredient, but it will help your skin produce a lot more collagen as well. The best part is that this body wash does not have any harsh, synthetic, or unnatural chemicals in it. You can use it every day and not have to worry about any harsh side effects. Women can also use this body wash too as it serves as a great deodorant for them too.

If you are a man who suffers from oily skin, this body wash is the best choice you could make. The tea tree oil ingredient will help manage the oil in your skin and keep you from having breakouts. Then you can feel pleased to have beautiful looking skin.

What We like:

  • Organic body wash 
  • Works like a miracle
  • A little does a lot

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not recommended to use on the crotch area
  • May burn if you don’t rinse it off quickly
  • Not the best for sensitive skin

Everyone’s Soap for Every Man

Everyone’s Soap for Every Man

This organic body wash is made with essential oils and other ingredients based from plants. Not only does this make it the best men’s organic body wash, but it also makes it great as a shaving gel for your face too.

Recycled materials were used to make the body wash. That way, you’re actually being environmentally friendly by using this product.

The body wash has no GMOs and contains cedar oil, lavender oil, and orange oil to put your senses at ease. In addition, moisture will be added to your skin and hair from the wash’s Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E ingredients.

Everyone has designed an EO Organic Herbal Blend in this body wash which they have patented. This blend consists of cleansers which have been derived from coconut and are made to nourish and soften your skin and hair.

If you are a man with dry skin, this is the best body wash for you. It is very gentle on sensitive dry skin, which is why you can even use it on the face. There is no smell that stays with you either. Just apply the solution, watch the suds form quickly and then rinse it off.

The solution of the wash comes inside of a pump bottle which consumers love. These pump bottles make it easier for people to dispense the solution into their hands and reduces the chances of wasting the solution by using more than you need at the moment.

Best of all, there are no irritants in this men’s body wash. If you’re suffering from sensitive skin, you need to make a change right away and choose Everyone’s Soap for Every Man.

What We like:

  • Contains natural ingredients 
  • Skin is left clean and soft
  • Solution inside of pump bottle

What We Didn’t Like

  • Breakouts may occur
  • Skin may be left with a filmy residue
  • Does not leave a “masculine” smell for men

Old Spice’s Pure Sport Body Wash

Old Spice’s Pure Sport Body Wash

If you want a men’s body wash that does a great job of hydrating the skin, Old Spice’s Pure Sport Body Wash is the best around. It will moisturize the skin so that it is left feeling soft and looking clean. Just a little bit of the solution will produce a lot of lather which has a nice strong scent. The solution starts out as a green gel and then quickly turns to lather after it’s applied to the skin. Since the solution might easily “drip off” your hands, it is recommended that you apply it to the skin using a washcloth.

This is without a doubt the best smelling body wash for men on the market. Anyone who has used deodorants from Old Spice before will not be surprised that their line of body wash can smell just as good as their deodorants. You might think the scent is too strong for staying with your body but don’t worry. As soon as you rinse off the body wash in the shower and then dry yourself off, the strong scent won’t be there anymore. All you’ll be left with is an aroma that is pleasant and may even attract women to you.

If you’re a man with dry skin and you’re looking for a top-notch moisturizing body wash which reduces flakiness and itchiness, Old Spice’s Pure Sport Body Wash is for you.

What We like:

  • Great aroma
  • Lathers easily
  • Small amount does a lot

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not always good for sensitive skin
  • Drips off hand easily
  • Not good for traveling with 

Axe’s Snake Peel Body Wash

Axe’s Snake Peel Body Wash

Probably my favorite best smelling body wash for men on this list. As far as men’s exfoliating body washes go, this is the best out there. It contains desert minerals and cactus oil ingredients which help wipe away dead skin cells and make your skin look a lot more youthful. You can apply this to the whole body from toe to head.

After you’ve used this body wash, you will feel energized and ready to go. Remember that the body needs to exfoliate itself and this solution helps make that happen with very little irritation. You no longer have to go to a spa to get rejuvenated when you can just use this body wash and get rejuvenated at home.

A nice fragrance will be left behind after applying this body wash. As a man, you will be happy that it is a “masculine scent” that will stay with you all day. If you work a physical laboring job, this is a great body wash to apply before work. But it is also great to apply after work, or even after an exercise routine.

The biggest downside is that a lot of stores don’t carry this product. This is likely because men don’t typically care enough about exfoliation to purchase these kinds of products frequently. But it is still a great body wash that will leave you clean and looking younger than ever.

What We like:

  • Great smell 
  • Does not cause dryness 
  • Body feels refreshed 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive 
  • Solution is thick
  • Harder to obtain in stores

Difference Between a Men’s Body Wash and Women’s Body Wash

It used to be that you only needed soaps to clean your skin. Now there are body washes for moisturizing, exfoliating, and hydrating. But the reason there are is because bar soaps have always been tougher on the skin than body washes. Plus, bar soaps have more harmful chemicals in them which can irritate skin that is dry or sensitive. Body washes which come in shower gel form are now preferred amongst consumers.

However, a men’s body wash typically has thicker lather than a women’s body wash. This extra thickness is the result of a bigger collagen layer and more oil in the solution. As a result, it does a better job of cleaning the skin. But it can also be harmful on dry skin if used too much, especially if it has sodium lauryl sulfate in it. You may even wipe away natural oils from the skin if you use this. Those with oily skin have to worry about this when purchasing body washes with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it.

The best body wash for men is one that has moisturizing ingredients which prevent the skin from getting too dry. As for women, their body washes tend to be more focused on fragrances and scents that make it smell good. Men’s body washes have spicier scents that are not always pleasant.

Overall, you should choose a skin product that is not scented, no matter what gender you are. This will reduce the chances of getting irritation of the skin or allergies. From the best smelling body wash for men candidate list that we just showed you, Nivea Men’s Cool 3-in-1 Body Wash is the best for cleaning away dirt, moisturizing the skin, and leaving behind a nice smell.

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